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OK Pawn is owned and operated by its two owners Owen and Ken. Owen and Ken are local residents of New York City and the North shore of Long Island. A business model that has always been based on honesty and integrity has enabled the two have amassed over 70 years of combined experience. This is experience you can put your trust in. Their model is old school favoring the adage of win win business rather than here today gone tomorrow. Its not a good deal if one side takes advantage of the other. Both parties have to walk away from the table feeling they made a good deal or received good value. We are and have always been in business for the long run! Yes we want to make money, who doesn’t? But we don’t do it by taking advantage of our customers. You who are reading this, the consumer, should be aware, of the fly by night business owner, whether in this or any business. Ask questions, how long have you been in this business. Our goal is to be here for another 70 years, is that the same goal as some others in this industry. We don’t have to tell you we pay more than anyone else, (even though we do). What we will tell you is that over 90% of our business is based on referrals from satisfied customers. Satisfied customers are our best advertisement. A satisfied customer is one that leaves our store feeling that they got the best value for their items. We don’t care if you have one small piece of metal of 1000 oz. you will be treated with the same respect and dignity that you are entitled to. Come in and become one of our best advertisements and advocates.
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Owen and Ken